Matiries Cloud ERP

Process Automation on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.

Fundraising Management System

ERP Specifically Designed for the Fundraising Industry

Our over 25 years of industry-leading software providing fundraisers and distributors with everything they need to support their business - from inventory control to picking and packing. - Matiries ERP provides an end-to-end solution in one integrated package.


List of Features

  • Manuel Brochure Order Entry: Have mutable users enter in paper orders at the same time.

  • Interfaces with the CPT Intelligent Technology, Inc. OCR software to allow paper orders to be scanned into the application. "One other benefit of order form scanning is that the image of the order form can be printed on the back of the pick ticket so there is no need to copy order forms, or to return the original order form with the order items."
  • Prizes can be automatically applied to student orders based on cumulative and Pick-a-Prize programs. Brochure and Internet sales are combined for prize levels.
  • Unlimited number of student orders/groups/schools/classrooms/and items per brochure.
  • Custom Pick Tickets. We create a custom Pick Ticket for your company, or you can choose from one of the many existing tickets.

  •  Order Sorting by organization: This process lets you sort the orders several different ways. EX. Student Name and Student Number, or Homeroom, Student Name and Student Number.
  • Internet Ship To Home orders are created by date range. This process can be run on any schedule you decide. The dates can overlap only non picked orders will be processed. A customized Pick Ticket can be created for you with your company's logo.
  • Pack-Scan Verify by Bar Codes: helps to eliminate errors when packing. Has customized sounds when a incorrect item is scanned, so the scanner does not need to watch the screen.
  • Built in Post and Pre-Pack Invoicing. (Able to create costume Invoices.)
  • ShipStation Interfacing: Matiries ERP is able to export orders into ShipStation to be shipped. Also, the tracking number, shipping date and actual shipping amount is received back to the order in the ERP.
  • Built in Customer Service Process: The customer service module allows support tickets to be entered into Matiries ERP to process and track orders with issues. From the screen a customer support rep can access the packing screen, order entry screen, when the order was shipped and create a replacement order to be picked and packed.
  • Standard and Customized Reporting. We have many standard reports and can also customize one to meet your company's needs.
  • Built in Organization Status Tracking. Organizations and Reps can receive customized notices on process in the ERP.
  • Brochure and Internet sales are combined and displayed on Ship To School Pick Tickets. Also, the contact information for supporter that placed the order is displayed as well with the product to disperse.
  • Packing Labels can be created at the packing station or pre-printed on pick tickets. (The basic labels contain student name, student number, homeroom, and the number of boxes.) Their are several customized to choose from.