Online Shopping Cart

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The Shopping Cart is a mobile responsive robust customizable site designed for product fundraising. It allows a parent or participant to register to an organization and then share their custom seller link to friends and family to support their organization. All sales are tracked through the Matiries ERP to give credit to the participant for prizes.

The Site can be configured to allow orders to be Ship To School, Ship To Home or both. Only products that are flagged will be allowed to be sold online.



List of Features

  • The cart has an Email Drip Campaign that reminds the consumer to place an order for the participant, and can send out a last chance email.
  • You can customize the functionality, color scheme, and text on pages to fit your companies process.
  • Data is provided in real-time from the same database as the ERP application. This allows synergy between the applications.

  • The Account Page allows the parent or participant to send out seller links to friends and family through text, emails and social media. The account page also displays orders placed online and the paper order once entered into the ERP application.

  • The Organization Login allows the coordinator of an organization to login through the Shopping Cart site.  The Coordinator Dashboard has preset reports chosen by the company. Homerooms/Groups can be created and bulk text and emails can be sent to registered participants. The coordinator also has the ability to see the participants information to help keep support tickets down. (A link to the Online Brochure Order Entry can be activated to allow the organization to enter in their own paper orders.
  • Sales Representative can login through the Shopping Cart site. The Sales Rep page presets reports that can be created, bulk text and emails can be sent to registered participants, and link to Online Brochure Order Entry / Registration site. The Registration site can also be used as a sales representative dashboard.
  • Registration allows for two different options.  The first is Parent Registration, which allows the parent to register multiple participants that are in the same organization. The parent can see each participant on their Account Page. The second is a Single Participant registration; this allows one registration at a time. The options can be configured on the organization level
  • The shipping options on shopping cart can be set to only display items that are Ship To School, Shipped to Home or both. This can be configured on the organization level.

  • The Shopping Cart allows a consumer to enter multiple sellers on the same order session to cut down on transaction fees and shipping cost.

  • Shipping on the the shopping cart can be configured multiple ways, such as by weight of each product or flat shipping, Adding cost if shipping perishables to warm states, free shipping based on a dollar amount, and level shipping based on states. Shipping can also be configured to pull the shipping cost directly from the companies ShipStation account. (Fex-Ex, UPS, and USPS options can be displayed for the consumer to pull from if the company is using all three shippers in ShipStation.)
  • Tax is configured on orders using TaxJar. The company can let TaxJar know what products not to tax by product types in the ERP application.

  • Card payments are processed through the companies account and is deposited directly into the companies bank account. (The shopping cart does not store any credit card information, only the transaction number is sent back from for reference.)

  • Inventory is controlled with the ERP software. An inventory level can be set to remove products from the site once the products inventory reaches a set threshold.
  • The Shopping Cart allows the company to give away products to consumers once a threshold is reached. The threshold can be configured either by a dollar amount or total items of the order. This is a great way to incentivize more sales.